Optislang.save_as(file_path: str | Path, force: bool = True, restore: bool = False, reset: bool = False) None#

Save and open the project at a new location.

file_pathUnion[str, pathlib.Path]

Path for saving the new project file to.

forcebool, optional

Whether to force opening of the project even if non-critical errors occur. Non-critical errors include:

  • Timestamp of the (auto) save point is newer than the project timestamp.

  • Project (file) is incomplete.

restorebool, optional

Whether to restore the project from the last (auto) save point (if present).

resetbool, optional

Whether to reset the project after loading it.


Raised when an error occurs while communicating with the server.


Raised when a command or query fails.


Raised when the timeout float value expires.

Deprecated since version 0.6.0: This functionality was moved to Application.