open# str | Path, force: bool = True, restore: bool = False, reset: bool = False, project_properties_file: str | None = None) None#

Open a project.

file_pathUnion[str, pathlib.Path]

Path to the optiSLang project file to open.

forcebool, optional

Whether to force opening of the project even if non-critical errors occur. Non-critical errors include:

  • Timestamp of the (auto) save point is newer than the project timestamp.

  • Project (file) is incomplete.

restorebool, optional

Whether to restore the project from the last (auto) save point (if present).

resetbool, optional

Whether to reset the project after loading it.

project_properties_fileOptional[str], optional

Project properties file to import, by default None.


Raised when an error occurs while communicating with the server.


Raised when a command or query fails.


Raised when the timeout float value expires.

Deprecated since version 0.6.0: This functionality was moved to Application.