Create workflow#

Create nodes#

New nodes can be created from any system via create_node() method. Constants with types of most of the available nodes are declared in node_types module.

from ansys.optislang.core import Optislang
from ansys.optislang.core.nodes import DesignFlow
import ansys.optislang.core.node_types as node_types

osl = Optislang()
root_system = osl.application.project.root_system

sensitivity = root_system.create_node(

Type of the created node can be also created manually using NodeType if constant is not available. Code below shows value of constant Sensitivity from snippet above:

# ...
manual_type = node_types.NodeType(
    id="Sensitivity", subtype=node_types.AddinType.BUILT_IN

Connect nodes#

Nodes can be connected to the parenting system during creation by specifying argument design_flow of the create_node() method.

# ...
Calculator = Sensitivity.create_node(

Another option how to connect node is by using instances of the Slot classes, which can be obtained via get_input_slots() and get_output_slots() methods of any node. Parametric systems additionally have get_inner_input_slots() and get_inner_output_slots() methods.

# ...
IIDesign = root_system.get_inner_input_slots("IIDesign")[0]
IODesign = root_system.get_inner_output_slots("IODesign")[0]

IReferenceDesign = sensitivity.get_input_slots("IReferenceDesign")[0]
OReferenceDesign = sensitivity.get_output_slots("OReferenceDesign")[0]


When the Optislang instance is no longer needed, stop the connection with optiSLang server by running: