ansys.optislang.core.tcp.server_queries.full_project_status_info(include_designs: bool = True, include_design_values: bool = True, include_non_scalar_design_values: bool = False, include_algorithm_info: bool = False, include_log_messages: bool = True, include_integrations_registered_locations: bool = True, password: str | None = None) str#

Generate JSON string of full_project_status_info query.

include_designs: bool

Include (result) designs in status info response.

include_design_values: bool

Include values in (result) designs.

include_non_scalar_design_values: bool

Include non scalar values in (result) designs.

include_algorithm_info: bool

Include algorithm result info in status info response.

include_log_messages: bool, optional

Whether actor log messages are to be included.

include_integrations_registered_locations: bool, optional

Whether registered integration locations are to be included.

passwordOptional[str], optional

Password. Defaults to None.


JSON string of full_project_status_info query.