ansys.optislang.core.tcp.server_commands.apply_wizard(actor_uid: str, type_: str, use_existing_system: bool | None = None, usage_mode: str | None = None, parent_hwnd: str | None = None, password: str | None = None) str#

Generate JSON string of apply_wizzard command.

actor_uid: str

Unique identifying actor of the object.

type_: str

Node or system type, supported values are: [“solver”, “sensitivity”, “optimization”, “robustness”, “reevaluation”].

use_existing_system: Optional[bool], optional

True or false. Defaults to None.

usage_mode: Optional[str], optional

Usage mode, e.g. “EXPERT”. Defaults to None.

parent_hwnd: Optional[str], optional

Parent hwnd. Defaults to None.

passwordOptional[str], optional

Password. Defaults to None.


JSON string of apply_wizzard command.