Basic API queries#

This example demonstrates the usage of the explicit API to perform basic queries on root project level.

Perform required imports#

Perform the required imports.

from pathlib import Path
import tempfile

from ansys.optislang.core import Optislang
import ansys.optislang.core.examples as examples
from ansys.optislang.core.nodes import ParametricSystem, System

Helper functions#

Define a few helper functions.

def print_node(node):

def print_parameters(node):
    if isinstance(node, ParametricSystem):
        print(f"** Parameters of {node.get_name()} **")
        [print(parameter) for parameter in node.parameter_manager.get_parameters()]

def print_responses(node):
    if isinstance(node, ParametricSystem):
        print(f"** Responses of {node.get_name()} **")
        [print(response) for response in node.response_manager.get_responses()]

def print_criteria(node):
    if isinstance(node, ParametricSystem):
        print(f"** Criteria of {node.get_name()} **")
        [print(criterion) for criterion in node.criteria_manager.get_criteria()]

def for_each_child_node(node, function, recursive=False):
    for child_node in node.get_nodes():
        if recursive:
            if isinstance(child_node, System):
                for_each_child_node(child_node, function)

Create optiSLang instance#

Create the optiSLang instance.

osl = Optislang()

Get paths of example scripts and run them#

Get the paths of the example scripts and then run these scripts.

paths1 = examples.get_files("oscillator_sensitivity_mop")
paths2 = examples.get_files("oscillator_optimization_on_mop")


Query project tree#

Print each project node/system. Print parameters/responses/criteria for each parametric system in the project.

print("*** Project Nodes ***")
for_each_child_node(osl.project.root_system, print_node, recursive=True)

print("*** Registered parameters of parametric systems ***")
for_each_child_node(osl.project.root_system, print_parameters, recursive=True)

print("*** Registered responses of parametric systems ***")
for_each_child_node(osl.project.root_system, print_responses, recursive=True)

print("*** Defined criteria of parametric systems ***")
for_each_child_node(osl.project.root_system, print_criteria, recursive=True)

Stop and cancel project#

Stop and cancel the project.


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