OptimizationParameter.__init__(name: str = '', reference_value: bool | float | str | None = 0, reference_value_type: ParameterValueType = ParameterValueType.REAL, id: str = '29d2d05e-6255-477a-9f1f-e6f5f5d01401', const: bool = False, deterministic_resolution: ParameterResolution | str = ParameterResolution.CONTINUOUS, range: Sequence[float, float] | Sequence[Sequence[float]] = (-1, 1)) None#

Create a new instance of OptimizationParameter.

name: str

Name of the parameter.

reference_value: Union[bool, float, str, None], optional

Parameter’s reference value.

reference_value_type: ParameterValueType, optional

Type of the reference value.

id: str, optional

Parameter’s unique id.

const: bool, optional

Determines whether is parameter constant.

deterministic_resolution: Union[ParameterResolution, str], optional

Parameter’s deterministic resolution.

range: Union[Sequence[float, float], Sequence[Sequence[float]]], optional

Either 2 values specifying range or list of discrete values.